Hi, I’m Ryan.

I work with dreams and technology.

I help people realize dreams in my tech mentorship and coaching practice.

My mission is empowering the next generation of leaders and innovators by bringing democratic education to Toronto.

I have made a career of training technomancers to transmute visions into realities,
and many people who love my work have said nice things about my impact on the world.

Please reach out to ryan@ryanpetroff.ca and we can make your dreams come true :)
Email can be unreliable - I really want to hear from you!
If you haven’t heard back in 24 hours please try again with ryan.petroff@hey.com and petroff.ryan@gmail.com

The key to my digital identity is 0x00555dc77a343e205cb1c7755407c93470db3f91
Registered as ryanpetroff.eth and verified on Proof of Humanity.
You can trust things I sign with this key. Distrust everything until you verify my signature.
You can try using it now to verify I signed a document. Feels good, right?
For something more advanced, please enjoy my project Web2toWeb3.

“When we hold our own keys, None can expel us from paradise.”
The elegance of Ethereum inspired my gallery artpiece ETHKeyScape.